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Tuesday, 20 October 2015
Sunday, 22 February 2015
U.S. economy
Tuesday, October 20 2015

Ever watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel? Woooh...not the history I learned but some pretty interesting stuff.

Here are some Youtube samples

Or go to the History Channel's owm site:

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Sunday, February 22 2015

Wow, I think this is

Many in the U.S. Intelligence Community fear a 25-year Great Depression is unavoidable...

What if Jim's Right?

(Please review the transcript from today's interview to discover how you and your family can stay safe from this $100 trillion catastrophe)

rather interesting...

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Sunday, May 04 2014
From Porter Stansberry on "The End Of America": Full transcript here:
But if you want to understand why US Government making it harder and harder to open Foreign Accounts - read section below
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