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Its been a few years now but in 2012, DEAD SARA and GOTYE were battling it out on 98.7fm in Los Angeles for the top spot each night on 98.7's BAD ASS show for several weeks. BAD ASS plays the top four requested songs each night. Want to hear 98.7fm no matter where you are the go here: 98.7fm. Anyway regarding Gotye...tell me what you think.

Now personally I like "Weatherman" Better than "Somebody I Use To Know" 'cause...well...I am just a rocker! But I really like Gotye's song a lot too. SO you can't go wrong with these two. For more about DEAD SARA an exciting new band that some look at to be the revival of Rock And Roll on this planet go here: For More about Gotye go here.

Now, also just my opinion, I like WALK OFF THE EARTH's version of Gotye's song better than his. (Walk Off The Earth does a lotof covers and get a lot of youtube views, but personally I think this is the best cover and video they have ever done.)  I just like the main male's voice better than Gotye. And the video is just an interesting (if not more so) than his. What do you think? Take my poll on the right.
DO you like Gotye's Original Version of "Somebody I Use To Know" or Walk Off The Earth's Cover better.
 Gotye of Course!
 Walk Off The Earth's version is way better!

OK, Do you like Gotye's Original Video of "Somebody I Use To Know"or Walk Off The Earth's Video Better?
 Walk Off The Earth!

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